Refund Policy

Agreeing to the terms and conditions of our site is a basic condition for using our services. Your receipt of a service from our services or your use of our website requires your agreement to all the following terms and conditions.

Refund Policy:

The full due amount is refunded without any deduction if the customer pays and does not benefit from the service or does not receive any programs, for example (payment was made an hour ago and something urgent happened with the customer and requested a refund without benefiting from any part of the service). There is no refund for any part of the amount if the customer starts the service and receives his training programs and benefits from our services even if the start was since a day and no matter how long his subscription is, as long as the customer received the programs and work was done on them from our side, there is no refund for the paid amount.

Transfer of service from one person to another

If the customer requests to transfer his membership to another customer for example, a member of his family or friends, the membership is transferred after paying only 250 Egyptian pounds or 10 dollars transfer fees and creating a file for the new trainee.

Service Suspension :

If the customer wants to suspend the service without benefiting from the service, for example, payment was made and he wanted to postpone the start date, the service is suspended. However, if he received his training programs and started the service and benefited from it, service suspension is not available.

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